Check Out 10 TV series we regret wasting time on

What TV series wasted your time? Pulse Staff share 10 TV series they regret wasting their precious time on.

There are always those TV shows which your friends, social media and colleagues can’t seem to stop talking about.

You decide to invest your time into them, but at the end, you regret it and wish you used the time for something more important.

Some of these shows actually grab your attention from the start but become so annoying that you want a refund of your time.

Pulse Staff decided to share some TV shows they started watching until it was too late. Nevertheless, they consider it a waste of their precious time.

1. “Lost”
Pulse Staff: Season one and two made sense, then season three right to the end was rubbish.
I felt stupid for even watching it.

2. “Vampire Diaries
Pulse Staff: The producers were just dragging the show unnecessarily. It just became so stupid.

3. “Jenifa’s Diary”
Pulse Staff: Despite the hype, “Jenifa’s Diary” felt more like a child’s play than a good show. It is also so overrated.

4. “Kyle XY”
Pulse Staff: “Kyle XY” was hands down an absolute waste of time.

5. “Lagos Big Boy”
Pulse Staff: Bad acting, boring story, poor cinematography. A true Lagos big boy can’t even relate to the story.

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I hope there’s no season two in the works.

6. “One Tree Hill”
Pulse Staff: It was boring… In retrospect, I honestly can’t believe I spent my time on this.

7. “Empire”
Pulse Staff: The story started out great and as the show progressed it felt they were just struggling to make something out of each character.

I heard some people still watch the show…

8. “American Gods”
Pulse Staff: You need to watch a breakdown video for every episode. Really? No time for that.

It was too complicated for me and the fact that you have to go back to youTube to watch explanations. I really tried to understand the hype but it just won’t stick

9. “Traveller”
Pulse Staff: This one got cancelled after one season. It’s a good thing they realized on time that everything did not just make any damn sense.

10. “Under the Dome”
Pulse Staff: This was just plain awful.

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