Music Review: The Coke Studio 5 Song that Got Everyone Talking

Discovering top notch songs on Coke Studio Africa is a norm and many outstanding music has been dropped on the musical show but hey, Nasty C’s cover of ‘Mad Over You’ will be talked about for a long time and sure will be found in the playlist of Coke Studio Africa great songs.

Massive credit to Nasty C on this one. Although his talent was never in question but the South African sensation once again reminded us why he’s one of the most talented artiste in the continent.

After performing their joint “Said” at the Coke Studio Africa, rapper Nasty C delivered a rendition of Runtown’s hit single “Mad Over You” while Runtown performs C‘s Hell Naw. That’s what Coke Studio Africa is about, blending different musical genre to produce an iconic music.

Doing a cover for a song totally different from your genre of music is one thing, making the song a “talk about” takes a special talent. For a little part of 2016 and most of 2017, Runtown’s monster hit “Mad Over You” was virtually inevitable and for a good reason, even Runtown found himself trying to recapture what made his breakout hit so special.

Several artistes and fans have had their cover of the song but no one, not a single person was able to match the original version.

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It takes having a special platform to produce a special music (my saying). It takes having a Coke Studio Africa to not just match the original version of ‘Mad over You’ but even surpassed it.

There are many things to remember about this year’s Coke Studio Africa and this super cover is definitely one of those!

You can watch the amazing performance again

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