Logic Ft. Ryan Tedder – One Day

Logic ft Ryan Tedder - One Day

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Logic is pulling no stops between Sunday service and the strip jawn. “One Day” is blasphemy to poor Baptist woman’s soul, but with growing fear of inception, maybe the Christian faith needed Logic’s swiggity kick in the rear end. Logic raps a simple yet evocative couplet of: “It look like I’m at mass, Yeah, I’m comin’ for that ass,” which reads like divine inspiration to re-enlist, from where I’m standing.

On “One Day,” Logic calls upon Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic for a jubilant expression of faith:

“And maybe one day I’ll be wiser
‘Cause maybe one day I’ll be further from here
Put all of my faith in tomorrow
Dark days keep me up all night
Only thing I know, it’s gonna be –

Somewhere underlined in the song, or the text, Logic is scheming to harmonize the human race, a soluble plan mutually exclusive to his plans for Bobby Tarantino III (if that ever came-to-be). The question that is worth asking: Do we prefer Logic the compassionate messenger to humankind, or his devil may care attitude that pokes out when he’s at the gym?

Quotable Lyrics:

You ever wonder what it means to make it by any means and finally obtain your dreams
On the come up, but they run up in a world of many fiends
I been at it since a teen, get this money, get the cream
Hard work and sacrifice but not a lot know what it mean
Most these rappers, ain’t got no class like bomb threats
And bein’ the illest, the disease, is the on set
And it don’t matter where you at
If you white, if you black, if you rich, or you poor, we gon’ always want more

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DOWNLOAD Logic Ft. Ryan Tedder – One Day



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