Lazarus – Decapitation Chamber Ft. Ghostface Killah

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The Wu-Tang sword never dulls. Not while Ghostdini is charged with sharpening the blade. Though the legendary Ghostface has been busy shaping the upcoming Wu-Tang album, standing in for traditional ringleader RZA, it would appear he has taken a minute to lace Detroit rapper Lazarus with a verse. The song in question is the ominously titled “Decapitation Chamber,” which settles comfortably under the genre descriptor of “underground hip-hop,” at least where musical aesthetic is concerned.

The description alleges that both parties have a bone to pick with the “current state of hip-hop,” which is interesting given the strong year we’ve been having. Perhaps they may lament the shift away from raw street shit, though music of that nature still exists. Either way, that doesn’t stop Lazarus from flexing his gangsta in the most psychotic manner imaginable, ripping the eyeballs out of the rapper “you call God,” so that he can devour them whole.

Should you enjoy that merciless underground vibe, be sure to check this one out. Pretty Tony remains a formidable force behind the mic, even on the guest spot tip.

Quotable Lyrics

You can lose your head in the company of a guillotine
Ghost bi-coastal, coke in the phillippines
Blood money suit-case hundreds I got illa cream
Burner got a long nose, beak like a pelli-cine (pelican)

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DOWNLOAD Lazarus – Decapitation Chamber Ft. Ghostface Killah



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