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Download The Weeknd Try Me MP3

The Weeknd just shared his new EP an Try Me being one of the leading tracks in the album. Try Me is another solo effort put together by the multi award winning singer. Download The Weeknd Try Me mp3.

Try Me is another romantic song put together by The Weeknd, The Weeknd was telling his girlfriend to try and remind/ notify him. The song is all about emotional feelings. The Weeknd Try Me mp3 download

The Weeknd Try Me Lyrics

Any time is the time
Any time for you to give a call, baby (so, baby)
I’m all alone, baby
Baby ain’t around, pick up your phone, baby

Can you try me? (try me), try me (try me)
Once you put your pride aside
You can notify me (fy me), -fy me (fy me)
You’re the best I ever had
Baby girl, remind me (mind me), -mind me (mind me)
Let me know if it’s on
And you know where to find me, find me
Having thoughts you never had, yeah
I didn’t know you were down for finding out
I thought you had some kind of love for your man
Well, I’m not tryna break up something
You’ve been working out, you’ve been steady
But I’m ready to go all the way if you let me
Don’t you tempt me

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You’re lookin’ grown since the last time I looked at you
It might have been, been about a couple months
But I just got the picture that you texted to me
You ain’t steady, you look ready to go all the way
If you let me take you down on me


The Weeknd Try Me Mp3 Download

DOWNLOAD The Weeknd Try Me MP3


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