alt-J Ft. Danny Brown – Deadcrush (Alchemist & Trooko Remix)


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Alt-J slides into the hip-hop realm with kindred spirit Danny Brown.

For those interested in alternative musical genres, the melodic stylings of UK band alt-J may very well be a suitable fit. While their debut An Awesome Wave generally makes for a smooth entry point, the bulk of their discography is enjoyable, though increasingly experimental. And while they have never fully made the jump into hip-hop, like many musicians before them, the boys of Alt-J have cited the likes of Dr. Dre as a main influence.

In fact, they’ve been vocal about their love of hip-hop, taking to Instagram to speak on their upcoming Reduxer remixproject: “It’s no secret that we love and are influenced by hip-hop, and it’s always been a dream of ours to work with hip-hop artists in re-imagining our music. With REDUXER that dream has come true.”

Following up their previous collaboration with Pusha T and Twin Shadow, alt-J have brought out Danny Brown, Alchemist, and Trooko for a remix of “Deadcrush.” Driven by a dirge-like instrumental, the remix finds Danny Brown in territory he knows well; as such, he delivers quality verses, as expected.

Quotable Lyrics

One man’s waste is another man’s soap
Nice way of saying you’re washed up
And I’m getting fed up like Oprah and her jet
Same mental state as a Vietnam vet
It’s a war outside, ain’t no one safe
Wave my Rollie like I’m Puffy and Mase
Still trying to escape, getting caught up in the web
Snakes in the grass and they snapping at your legs

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DOWNLOAD alt-J Ft. Danny Brown – Deadcrush (Alchemist & Trooko Remix)



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