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Apparently, the recent years have shown the high fashion gradually taking over the city streets. Even the most luxurious brands like Gucci, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton have proved not only moneybags can rock their clothes, going for collaborations with such streetwear giants like Supreme, Off-White and Palace. Exactly because all of that stuff, eventually, many people started reviewing their wardrobe supplies to create a true street look.

You consider yourself 100% urban or merely urban? In any case, you must have some fresh streetwear trends on your radar. Cause, you know, the whole term “streetstyle” is something bigger than just putting on J’s with a camo hoodie and calling yourself “a boy from the hood”. Some classy letterman jackets and skinny jeans anyone? Or graphic tees teamed up with jersey joggers?

The most fundamental key rule to street style is to forget what your dad told you about fashion. Since the moment of our birth we are constantly given uncompromising rules on how to wear particular types of clothes. Thus, the whole point of streetwear is about being bold enough when dressing up while actually remaining quite casual and not too ridiculous.

This time we’ll guide you through the top essentials for assembling a perfect street look. Stick with these basic pieces to always look sophisticated yet casual. An article exclusively for

  1. A couple of nice graphic tees

Naming some of the true street style heavyweights – Dope Couture, Stussy, Vans, Obey and, finally, Supreme the conversation may go on and on. Still none of these companies would have made it this loud without their classic printed t-shirts. If you feel pretty comfortable with this game of graphics and colors – the world of certified classics is open for you! Either it will be a minimalistic box logo Supreme plain white tee or some graffiti-inspired piece from Vans, or maybe a Palace-triangle t-shirt in camo, you’ll certainly feel in right place.


  1. Fine jeans

Every modern guy MUST own at least two or three pairs of good-quality jeans in his closet. Nicely fitted jeans are guaranteed to go with almost anything in your wardrobe. A white tee? – No problem! A solid navy blazer? – There you go! A sturdy leather jacket? – Classic! But, as we’ve noted, make totally sure those fit you right perfect. Good jeans should underline your best figure features, not work against. Type of wash is also important. Too light jeans might look dated and ones that are too dark may be over trendy. Visit such iconic jeans stores like Levi’s and Dsquared2 to find your best fit.


  1. Some military-inspired tops

It appears the army-inspired camouflage pieces are growing extremely popular these days. So, you’re given a platoon’s range of outerwear to select from. For example, the MA-1 flight jacket is always a win-win option, winter-loaded military parkas are an absolute essential and the iconic M-65 field jacket, offering a smooth silhouette is just ideal for those times when you’re up to switch your coat for a more rugged item. Considering some brand names, Carhartt is always in top 5 in the industry, as well as check out for Alpha Industries which originated as the supplier to the US military, now making truly legit military-inspired apparel.


  1. A pair of crisp white sneaks

Don’t get it wrong, at a certain point, canvas Converse sneaks simply don’t own it anymore. So, if you feel ready to go for an upgrade, reach out for a leather pair of classic sneakers.

Nike’s Air Force 1’s are an awesome choice for a smart street look. These leather whites are an outstanding ageless classic. These buds also come in a range of color finishes and materials, which is a great and simple way to accomplish your street look.


  1. Nice hoodies

What can be better than a good and cozy hoodie? It has become the key to streetwear a long while ago. The same as for the joggers, hoodies come in all fits, sizes and colorways. Either way, there is actually a desired fit. An original fit of a hoodie can be distinguished by tight cuffs, an extra-large hood and a shortened body.

It may have either more athletic look when chosen close to body or picking a bit bigger size for an item to look a little oversized, achieving that old-fashioned baggy look that can be commonly spotted on college students all across the USA. Guys must have taken a classic hoodie, flipping it upside down! Many stores offer a wide variety of colors and shapes in both short and long-sleeve models with pullover and zipper variations.


  1. Not forgetting the sweatpants!

Incorporating a solid element of street fashion into your casual look can be much simpler business, providing a ground for some pairs of high-grade track pants suggested by all sportswear brands. A true timeless classic will be a pair featuring an elastic waistband and rolled up cuffs. Such pants have successfully taken the place of either blue jeans or khaki chinos. To build an outfit, go for a baggy fit tee and plain all-leather white sneakers, for instance, adding a bit of a swagger to the whole look. Whatever you decide to accompany these pants with, we’d rather recommend you distance yourself from wearing sweatpants with high-end tailored tops such as, for example, double-breasted blazers and button down shirts.


  1. And a cool snapback to complete the look!

We suppose it is a perfect time to add some finishing touches. Thus, headwear is perhaps one of the biggest perks of the urban outfit for contemporary men, simply because of a really wide choice in it.

You’ll never go wrong with a stylish snapback. This cap may be worn in several ways – either with its brim straight up, sideways or backwards. But remember to always feel confident when wearing one of those as there can be the risk of looking like a “poser”. A snapback can be easily combined with any types of tees and jackets and it actually feels like the most accurate way to wear it.

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