Things That Are Most Likely To Happen In The Entertainment Industry This Year

2017 was a year to behold in the entertainment sector. Dramas upon dramas, episodes upon episodes, and even the unthinkable happened, such as the deaths of some entertainers.

Fortunately, 2018 is another fresh and buzzing year, this is because the year hasn’t even started fully but the drama has begone. ‘Mercy Aigbe, how market nah?’

The following list I will mention are things that are so certain will happen in the entertainment world, this is based on yearly re-occurrence of these events.

1. Baby Mamas & Dadas
This is no new thing of cause most of the music entertainers will end up being a baby daddy or a baby mummy, either of the two will certainly occur this year. We all saw what happened last year, entertainers were just giving birth back to back ‘like say postinor don finish for market’.

Towards the end of 2017, daddy YO “Wizkid” himself had his moment with his formal manager and she became his baby mama. Let us see how this year goes.

2. Un-Foreseen Collaborations
Collaboration is fast becoming a thing in the music sector as this assures you of a hit when you collaborate with top notched artiste, if in doubts, ask Efe of Big Brother Nigeria.

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This year, artistes like Wizkid and Davido might come together to release a jam, either Davido features Wizkid or the other way round, I can’t just wait to listen to that song. Concerts such as Mo’hit reunion might also be in-site this year.

3. Arrest Of Artistes
Not that I am wishing these singers bad luck of being arrested by the police or something, but our artiste have a way of just ending up in police custody at the end of the day.

One of them even paid a fine of 100 thousand Naira towards the end of 2017. To clear your doubts, READ HERE

4. Accidents And Deaths
If you noticed, December last year was the month most entertainers were always involved in one car accidents or the other.

Some survived the accidents with just some scratches, while some lost their lives. 2018 is here, my prayer is that non of our entertainers shall be involved in any of these.

5. Artiste Leaving Record Labels

Artiste and their record labels always get separated every year, Kiss Daniel was the most talked about when it came to artiste that left their record label last year. So definitely we should expect such to happen again this year.

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